Cyber Security: Protect Your Business

Cyber Security is at its highest in today’s business and commerce climate of online transactions, huge customer databases and mobile banking. It is unnervingly easy to fall victim to the kinds of cyber attacks that are now commonplace in 2017.

An estimated annual cost of £34bn was spent repairing the damage caused to businesses by cyber attacks – over half of which came from lost revenues alone. Surprisingly, and despite the cold hard facts, 7 out of 10 chief technology officers claimed that cyber security policies ‘stifle’ innovation in business. When you take into consideration the mutual, post-recession feeling amongst business owners that money is tight in our times of austerity, security is often put on the back burner. 

However, the risk of a data breach is still very real, and unfortunately it often takes an attack for a business to realise the depth of their vulnerabilities. At Tech Savvy, we’re here to challenge the status quo and deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions that cause as little disruption as possible to flow-of-business.

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Online Backup – A New Target 

According to the ethical hackers community, backup data has now become a target for attacks. ‘Crackers’, or unauthorised hackers to everyone else, are now honing in on backup data as an easy route for attack. When backup data leaves it’s source location to be replicated, it is often left out in the open, raw and unprotected. As part of Savvy Backup, we use military grade encryption to keep your locked-down behind layers of unbreakable protection.

Website Cyber Security – Stay Savvy Online 

Online banking, virtual shopping sprees and instant messaging apps: our day-to-day cyber-activity leaves us open to a myriad of different risks. Using a combination of multi-layer Dos and DDos protection, an intrusion prevention system (IPS) and a web application firewall, we’ve got all angles covered as far as cyber security is concerned.

Encrypted Cloud Solution – Share Safely

The more tools you use, the more web apps you integrate, the more you leave your business open to different attacks. Each application you use, you’re spreading your sensitive data across different servers, which is unnecessarily dangerous. Using Savvy Cloud, you can share all manner of file types whilst ensuring first-class encryption and security.


Mail Filtering – Cut out Scams

Phishing campaigns have been centre-stage in the news during the last 12 months, and for all the wrong reasons. These tactical fraud-crimes often trick users into transferring money into the wrong account, leaving business out-of-pocket and left scratching their heads. Avoid frustration and remove the worry with our mail filtering tool, which boasts a 100% virus detection rate, over 99.9% spam identified and quarantined and 100% service liability.


Get in Touch with us about Cyber Security

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