Why Monitoring is Essential for your Business

Are you monitoring every inch of your IT infrastructure? Can you see the open doors in your firewall, or the disk that’s been slowly failing on that mission critical server? If not, why not? Modern cars show you all types of alerts to help avoid a breakdown; from low tyre pressure, through to when you’re about to run out of fuel – so why treat your crucial IT systems any differently?

Our Monitoring Package

Tech Savvy’s monitoring package can give you a dashboard view of your infrastructure, showing all warnings of potential issues facing your network. This dashboard allows us to view all alerts from your network, much in the same way you would view alerts from your car to avoid an inevitable IT breakdown. Our highly-trained, responsive technicians will then triage the alert as necessary and work to guaranteed SLA’s to proactively resolve the issue.

The Cost of Downtime in IT

Offline systems are  not only frustrating for your staff – but critically, they  cost your business money via loss of productivity. According to a study conducted by IHS in 2016, downtime costs enterprises $700billion annually*. This could range from an outage on your e-commerce site, leaving potential customers to shop elsewhere; right through to compensation claims if your network has been hacked and valuable client data has been breached. With this in mind, monitoring doesn’t seem like such an expensive option, does it?

“Outages cost enterprises $700 billion a year, according to IHS study”

Our IT Solution

Daniel and Neil, the directors of Tech Savvy Solutions,  both have a solid IT background, working for many large managed service providers, closely witnessing the effects of downtime caused by a lack of IT awareness in organisations. This led to the development and creation of their very own Savvy Secure offering – an all-encompassing solution for networks. With Savvy Secure, not only are your vital systems monitored 24/7, but our Savvy Surveillance product alerts us to threats outside your network.

Get in Touch

We are so confident in our Savvy Secure offering that we offer unlimited remote support when purchased – as we will have complete control of your network and are confident that you will rarely need to call us. If you are fed up of unexpected outages, or a slow response from your existing IT provider then give us a call on 0161 635 5003 to see what Tech Savvy can do for you.

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