Tech Savvy’s DRaaS service allows real-time replication and hosting of your virtual or physical servers in our secure data centre. In an age where businesses are increasingly reliant on their IT systems in order to function, take a look at some of the benefits of using our DRaaS solution.

disaster recovery as a service draas


DRaaS recovery data is encrypted and then stored in our secure data centre on our secure platform, leaving you safe in the knowledge that it cannot be compromised or intercepted. Traditional on-premises disaster recovery systems usually sit somewhere within the clients’ office, often in an open space on hardware that is expensive to purchase and maintain. With our DRaaS offering, you get the peace of mind knowing that if disaster strikes – Tech Savvy have the resource to get you back on track quickly and efficiently.

Our infrastructure runs around the clock, ensuring that we always have the most recent backup of your data available. Unlike most traditional DR systems, which take a daily backup, our platform ensures real-time replication of all your files. Never will a day’s productivity be lost again in the event of a disaster. At Tech Savvy, we know that time is money – which is why we ensure no lengthy waiting periods interrupt your business.

For many organisations, disaster recovery is limited to managing and maintaining off-site backups. This can be laborious, time consuming and costly. Our DR solution includes failover testing, monitoring, reporting and capacity management as standard. Put simply, you can be sure that Tech Savvy guarantee a swift recovery of your data should disaster strike.

Many SME’s do not have in-house IT experts who are qualified to manage an efficient data recovery solution. At Tech Savvy, our experts have a very specific skillset which makes us experts in what we deliver. Our highly scalable solution can be rolled out quickly and efficiently to any size organisation. Nothing is too big a challenge for our Savvy Specialists.

Many organisations will faithfully rely on their traditional backup system to keep on working in the background, and only when disaster strikes do they realise there is a problem. At Tech Savvy, we carry out regular real life simulations of a DR incident, ensuring that the solution performs exactly as you the customer expects. Our Savvy Specialists will restore your data in a test environment, meaning that if a disaster should occur, you have 100% peace of mind that a swift recovery is possible.