Complete Cloud solution

Our Hosted VOIP is cloud based, unified communications platform designed to integrate voice, email and video into one seamless solution.

Stay Productive

The ability to connect all your devices as one point of contact with one number – Wherever you are, you are productive. 

Full integration with Microsoft

Full integration with Microsoft office 365 and Skype for Business delivers audio video email with advanced conferencing capability.

hosted voip skype for business

The power to overachieve!

A cloud PBX Unified Communications solution that integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business. You can decide how you work by using Desk and Mobile Phone, Tablet and PC integration to provide integrated voice email and video – see it, try it, benefit from it.  

Work smarter and add flexibility

You are no longer tied to your desk! Your phone follows you everywhere which means you are always in contact, always able to respond, gaining the advantage against competitors that aren’t as well connected.


Silver Edition

“I just need basic communications.”

 Help keep your costs down and get the essential call handling capabilities growing businesses need.


The Silver Edition is the perfect business starter kit with all the “must haves” (call routing, Caller ID, hold/conference/ transfer, voice mail) plus a great selection of Yealink phones.


Intelligent call routing

You never know when your most important customer will call. Now you don’t have to worry. The Silver Edition gives you many programmable options to handle calls any time of the day or night. Program the software to recognise your best customers and even greet them with a personal message. Forward calls virtually anywhere with different options for each extension, times of day and different incoming numbers.

Call recording

 Built-in call recording is a great way to keep tabs on your business operations, reduce legal risks to your company and potentially meet industry-compliance criteria.

 Automated service prompts

 Enrich the experience for incoming callers by providing on promotions or other communications that will add value to their overall experience.

Softphones for the desktop or mobile

 Allow your employees flexibility by providing Softphones to the desktop mobile.

Gold Edition

“I want to make my people more responsive and professional.” 


With the Gold Edition, you get everything that’s in the Silver Edition, plus:

 Scalable, sophisticated Unified Messaging

 The voice messaging capabilities within the UM Edition uses your Microsoft Exchange utilising the benefits of your existing mail boxes deployed within the Microsoft Environment. Enable productivity and efficiency day-in and day-out. Broadcast a single voice mail to the entire company, a specific department or just a team. Have the system “find” you and let you know when new messages arrive.

When you are ready, build on your investment and just add the OneVoice Platinum Edition.

Platinum Edition

“Give me the tools to serve customers more effectively.”


The Platinum edition provides everything in the Silver & Gold, plus:

Full integration with Office365 and Skype for business

Allow your employees and customers to reach you through the Skype for Business Network by enabling Skype for Business as an endpoint.  With desktop and mobility options available your employees will be contactable in a full UC environment from just one interface.

Secure “Meet me” conferencing

 With its built- in conferencing capability, the Platinum Edition makes it easy for all your users to host their own conference calls. The user experience becomes seamless for your staff and customers—whoever you invite to your audio / video conference. With its conference capacity, the Platinum edition lets you host a multitude of calls simultaneous.







Our entry level package provides tremendous value with upgrade to other plans easily available.

Our most popular package provides Office 365 integration with upgrade to other plans easily available.

Our all-star package providing tremendous value with integrated Skype for Business.

Minutes and numbers

Including 400 UK mob & 1000 landline minutes per user

Including 400 UK mob & 1000 landline minutes per user

Including 400 UK mob & 1000 landline minutes per user

Voice to O365 email and Outlook Voice Access support




Use Skype for Business as your phone




Minimum users




Office365 service  required (not included)


An exchange Online mailbox with UM capability

A Skype for Business Online licence with the Cloud PBX add-on enabled