Tech Savvy’s IaaS platform provides you with virtualised computing resources via the internet. Here are some of the benefits of using our Iaas platform

Infrastructure as a Service IaaS


The top, and most obvious reason for moving to an IaaS model is the lower infrastructure costs. Our price plans take the hit out of the upfront cost of new equipment, and bundle it into affordable monthly payments. At Tech Savvy, we take care of all the responsibilities of ensuring up-time, maintaining hardware and network equipment, or replacing old equipment. Our “pay only for what you use” model ensures that the cost accurately reflects what you are using. Never again will you have expensive, under-utilised systems in your office.

The greatest benefit of IaaS is the ability to scale your infrastructure up and down quickly, depending on your resource requirements. This “on-demand” approach provides greater flexibility and agility to respond to changing business environmental conditions. This is useful for customers who have seasonal increases in workforce, or building and dismantling test environments.

Competition is strong in the marketplace today, and the first past the post wins the race. To stay competitive, companies to need to be proactive to beat off the competition. Tech Savvy’s IaaS model provides elasticity and scalability which means a product or service can be deployed to the marketplace quickly and efficiently.

Our IaaS model incorporates the three necessities needed in infrastructure; Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and High Availability. Whilst most organisations have some form of disaster recovery plan, these are not always best-practice. We provide a solid framework of DR, including business continuity if our servers suffer a fault. We configure high availability which allows us to fail-over to another server to meet increased capacity requirements.

Let us take the stress out of budgeting business growth against the cost of infrastructure. By moving your infrastructure to a service-based model, you are free to focus more of your time and energy into developing your business.