Tech Savvy can host your crucial business software on our secure platform, delivering the application directly to your end users via the internet. Here are some of the benefits of using our SaaS platform.

software as a service saas


With SaaS, the software application is already installed, configured and tailored to the end-user. As the server is already configured in the cloud, this means that traditional deployment times are dramatically reduced. At Tech Savvy, we rely on our expert knowledge, along with the latest automation tools to provision your SaaS solution.

Cost is a huge factor when deciding on a SaaS infrastructure over a traditional one. By using a multi-tenant platform, we can pass the savings onto the end user as the hardware and software costs will be shared between several organisations. Another benefit, is that SME’s are able to use enterprise level software which they otherwise would not be able to afford due to the high cost of license.

Our SaaS solutions reside in a cloud environment that is scalable and can integrate with other cloud offerings. If your requirements increase, you are not burdened with the expense of increasing your in-house infrastructure. We can provide full capacity planning for your business, ensuring resources are available as soon as you need them.

With our SaaS offering, we work closely to ensure that release management is taking care of as standard. We will check for any issues or incompatibilities before any new releases are rolled out. We take care of the entire process of release management from start to finish, ensuring the headaches caused by a mass roll-out are a thing of the past.

Our SaaS offerings are easy to use, as they are configured with the best practices and tailored to our customer’s needs. We can offer proof of concepts, fully adapted and configured for any size, any type of organisation. This allows our customers to sample the software before committing to a purchase, meaning they can be completely confident they are investing in the right solution for their business.