Virtualisation is a real game-changer in server technology, allowing everyone from small businesses through to large corporate enterprises to dynamically and fluidly scale the capacity of their servers.

Besides being a savvy way to save money through server consolidation, virtualisation is also a path that leads to streamlined operations and processes in IT as well as saving physical space where hardware would previously sit.

Benefits of our Server Virtualisation Solutions

With virtualisation, your physical hardware will be consolidated into virtual servers, which instantly reduces the size of hardware required in your workplace. Besides the cost-efficiency associated with saving on power and cooling, consolidation reduces your overall datacentre footprint, which with UPS costs and rack space, can easily add up.

Spread loads between virtual servers for optimised performance. The IT infrastructure of a business today requires very different processes to be running simultaneously, and it isn’t optimal to have resource-demanding tasks carried out on the same server.

An example of this is a SQL server, which deals with a large number of requests each day, especially in large businesses, why risk running email or other business-critical tasks from the same server? This means a lot is at stake should downtime occur. With server virtualisation implemented, extra stress on hardware isn’t necessary and we can help to make sure that your resources are split equally, keeping downtime to a minimum.

With virtualisation set up in your workplace, you’ll have the flexibility to move a live virtual machine from one host to another should one fail. This entire process can be carried out whilst experiencing absolutely zero downtime thanks to products such as VMware’s vMotion.

Using our high-availability solutions, which include technology such as VMware’s vMotion and VMware High Availability (VMHA) we are able to deliver more uptime than with physical hardware.

Our image-based backup means that the restoration process is much quicker when compared to that of a physical server. Additionally, our backup process is carried out so that only changed blocks require restoration, cutting down on time and resource even further.

Section part of your virtual server for lab testing, a feature that would simply not be an option with a single operating physical server and would prove costly using multiple.

We use hardware-independent, image-based backups, which cuts out a lot of the process and allows us to restore lost data to any hardware compatible with vSphere.

With our virtual server solutions, you aren’t tied to any one piece of physical hardware, leaving you free to migrate to the cloud in the future.