Many people will have heard of VoIP but only a few will know what it is, what features it has, and how it can benefit your business. Many years ago, if you wanted a phone system, you would’ve needed to purchase a PSTN line, usually multiple lines, to facilitate multiple concurrent calls. As you can imagine, […]

Are you monitoring every inch of your IT infrastructure? Can you see the open doors in your firewall, or the disk that’s been slowly failing on that mission critical server? If not, why not? Modern cars show you all types of alerts to help avoid a breakdown; from low tyre pressure, through to when you’re […]

Cyber Security is at its highest in today’s business and commerce climate of online transactions, huge customer databases and mobile banking. It is unnervingly easy to fall victim to the kinds of cyber attacks that are now commonplace in 2017. An estimated annual cost of £34bn was spent repairing the damage caused to businesses by cyber […]

The popular cyber security and antivirus firm Kaspersky has unveiled its own secure and hack-proof operating system- Kaspersky OS. Kaspersky OS is based on microkernel architecture that enables users to customize their own operating system accordingly. That is depending on a user’s specific requirements, it can be designed by using different modifications blocks of the operating system. Kaspersky […]

The United States Navy got hacked by unknown hackers and the personal details of more than 134,000 sailors were accessed by them according to a report released by US officials. The US Navy revealed that 134,386 current and former US sailors were exposed in this data breach, and the organization is now working on notifying […]