Savvy Secure? What is it?…

Savvy Secure is our all-in-one, integrated security and monitoring service. Tech Savvy have carefully crafted Savvy Secure using industry-leading tools, including: monitoring, network threat detection, password management and many more.

The benefits of using a solution such as Savvy Secure are plentiful in a world where cyber attacks are increasingly common and businesses are carrying more sensitive data than ever before.

Using military-grade online backup encryption, intensive infrastructure monitoring and an optimised support experience, Savvy Secure is the complete managed monitoring and security platform that allows you to get on with the important task: running your business.

In 2015, it was estimated that defending and repairing the damage done by Cyber Attacks costs businesses £34bn a year. £18bn of this comes from lost revenues and the remaining £16bn being spent on increasing IT Defences. However, 7 out of 10 chief technology officers are saying that cyber security policies “stifle” innovation at their businesses. This is where we believe we can help change the status-quo: our solutions are simple yet effective, allowing your company to run just as efficiently but with defences that give you maximum up time.